Established in July 1992, IRPMA consists of 40+ research-based pharmaceutical manufacturers from Europe, Japan, and the U.S. with a presence in Taiwan. The purposes of the Association are to promote the development of research-based pharmaceuticals, enhance the ethical standards of the pharmaceutical industry and strengthen its contribution to the advancement of public health. The members of IRPMA have been continuously bringing new drugs into Taiwan, and are dedicated to improving the health care quality and living standard of the people in Taiwan through clinical development and professional promotion.

Contributions made by IRPMA Members

  1. 1. Actively introduce new drugs into Taiwan:
    IRPMA members have been introducing hundreds of new drugs, including vaccines for poliocephalitis and hepatitis B, drugs for tuberculosis and cardio-vascular diseases, anti-cancer drugs, and etc. These vaccines and drugs have actively prevented or cured diseases effectively, helped improve the quality of life for patients, and reduced medical costs. 
  2. 2. Introduce advanced management concept and technology into Taiwan:
    IRPMA members have been transferring technology into Taiwan from advanced countries. Moreover, they have been introducing modern management concepts on marketing, quality assurance, and training into Taiwan, helping upgrade the local pharmaceutical industry.
  3. 3. Promote clinical study and medical research in Taiwan:
    IRPMA members have initiated local hospitals to conduct clinical studies simultaneously with foreign medical centers, and assisted the establishment of GCP of Taiwan. They have also been sponsoring local researchers to conduct various research projects.
  4. 4. Provide extensive medical education to medical professionals:
    Besides providing medical professionals with the most updated and effective information on drugs, IRPMA members continue to sponsor them in participation of the international seminars, and recommend them to conduct researches in foreign medical centers. They also hold medical seminars in Taiwan on a regular basis, inviting prominent medical experts to exchange opinions with local professionals.
  5. 5. Provide updated medical information to the general public:
    Besides providing the general public with accurate information in drug use to assure safety and effectiveness, IRPMA members continued post-market surveillance to help develop clinical database for the Chinese people.