The International Research Based Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (IRPMA), composed of multinational R&D pharmaceutical manufacturers and aiming at improving the overall pharmaceutical environment. Facing the foreseeable challenges, IRPMA committees are going to employ outstanding industry talents working under a functional based organization to exert for the pharmaceutical industry on the issues critical to the development of the pharmaceutical industry.

Three Functional Committees:

  • Medical & Regulatory Affairs Committee
    • Establish a transparent, efficient and reasonable system for regulatory applications in Taiwan.
    • Accelerate the internationalization of the drug regulation by establishing guidelines that are in line with international requirements for clinical trial protocol and new drug approvals.
  • Market Access Committee
    • To secure a reasonable NHI payment scheme and establish an explicit drug pricing policy.
    • Enhance patients’ right of drug accessibility.
  • Public Affairs & Communication Committee
    • Enhance IRPMA's image and reputation. Clearly explain and communicate IRPMA's principles and positions to related stakeholders.
    • External Communication
      • Strengthen communication on value of innovative medicine
      • Facilitate positive policy change on new drug price and review process
      • IRPMA Code of Marketing Practices
      • Public educations on proper drug usage
      • Convey IRPMA's position and consideration toward government's regulation and policy
    • Internal Communication
      • Monthly committee meeting to facilitate internal communication on key topics among the working committees, and to build consensus among member companies
      • Provide daily news clipping to member companies focusing on healthcare related information and government policy
  • Code of Practice Committee
    IRPMA members have established the Code of Practice Committee to fulfill their obligations to the pharmaceutical industry. The Committee has established "Code of Marketing Practices" to govern appropriate behavior in the marketing of pharmaceutical products and to serve as a benchmark for self-regulation by the pharmaceutical industry.


Talent Pool Working Groups:

  • Legal/Regulatory Joint Working Group
  • Investment in Health Project Team