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NDC works on suggestions from the ECCT’s White Paper


Reported by Lin Mong-Ru from Taipei


Based on the ECCT’s 2014 White Paper, the National Development Council (NDC) held a cross-departmental meeting to discuss 15 issues of high priority.  The government agencies involved agreed to look further into those issues.

In order to incorporate Taiwan into the international trade network, the NDC has been working on international regulatory harmonization based on the suggestions raised by foreign businesses.  The NDC held a negotiation meeting about the ECCT’s 2014 White Paper on the 29th.

The ECCT published its 2014 White Paper in November last year.  The White Paper contains 85 topics and 249 suggestions.  The negotiation meeting organized by the NDC focused on 15 issues most concerned by the ECCT, including the labelling of product manufacturing dates, the adjustment of finance business tax, drug pricing and NHI reimbursement prices for special medical devices, the development of human resources in the tourist industry, the application of the new retirement regulations to foreigners, etc.  The NDC hopes the negotiation meeting could provide a platform for direct communication between the ECCT and the government.

The NDC expressed that the government agencies have already given positive responses to the application of the new retirement regulations to foreigners, the adjustment of security threshold for transfer pricing, the increase of technology reviewers and IP court judges and the old insurance policies’ exemption from the new business tax rate.


The NDC will arrange meetings between the ECCT and the MOHW and the MOL to discuss the exemption of some cosmetics from the review and approval process as a prerequisite and the regulations concerning the residence of foreigners in Taiwan.


【2014-4-30/ Central News Agency】