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National Health Insurance global budget growth parameters expands to its largest gap in 17 years as service portfolio grows

The National Development Council on July 18 approved growth parameters of 1.307 percent (NT$820.103 billion) and 4.5 percent (NT$845.951 billion) for the 2023 National Health Insurance (NHI) global budget, with the 3.193 percentage difference representing the largest gap in the past 17 years.


Department of Social Insurance Director Shang Tung-fu pointed out that under the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of hospital management and infection control has become more evident. By restricting hospital visitation and accompaniment, impacts on society and the economy from the spread of infection can be minimized. Concurrently, the pandemic has also increased demand for telemedicine as well as boosting development of smart health care services, Director Shang added.


Director Shang said that the wider growth parameters allow the Ministry of Health and Welfare to be more flexible in offering a larger variety of medical services. Further, health care spending as a proportion of GDP is among the key metrics of global competitiveness rankings, as having sound health care infrastructure is beneficial for national development.


Currently, the NHI safety reserve is standing at roughly one month’s expenditure. Policy makers will be aiming to keep the safety reserve above that level in upcoming National Health Insurance Committee meeting about the NHI’s global budget for 2023 and meetings in November to decide the NHI premium rate for 2023.


[2022-7-18/Liberty Times]