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Further delay in implementation of the new NHI co-payment tariff expected

The implementation of the new NHI co-payment tariff scheduled for May 15 has already been postponed due to the outbreak of the Omicron variant and could be further delayed.   The Taiwan Non-Government Hospitals and Clinics Association (NHCA) sent an official letter to the MOHW in July requesting the implementation of the new tariff from August.  However, the MOHW replied that the implementation in August would be too rushed.  The MOHW will consider factors such as the situation of the pandemic, hospitals’ readiness and patients’ financial burden, and then decide an implementation timetable.

Shih Chung-Liang, the Deputy Minister of the MOHW, expressed that the co-payment scheme is like a sword that has two sharp edges.  On the one hand, it helps to contain the wastes; on the other hand, it raises the threshold of people’s access to medical treatments.  Despite the fact that the stakeholders have finally reached a consensus on the new co-payment tariff, its implementation is left hanging in the air.

Worrying about any further delay, the NHCA sent an official letter on July 11 to request the MOHW to put the new tariff into practice from August 1.  However, Shih Chung-Liang believes it would be too hasty as the health authority is currently dealing with a surge of new COVID cases due to the BA.5 variant.  Shih said that the MOHW will formulate an implementation timetable when the pandemic subsides.

Dr Hung Tzu-Jen, the Standing Director of the NHCA, said that he respects the MOHW’s decisions and considerations.  But still, he hopes the new tariff could be implemented as soon as possible. 

【2022-07-31 / United Daily News】