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Survey: 80% people support cloud-based medication record system

The NHIA’s survey showed that the 2G NHI has won the support from 80% of the public.  85% people in the survey also said yes to the cloud-based medication record system; and 97% people said that they did not mind waiting a few minutes longer in order to have their medication double checked.

Wang Fu-Chung, Section Chief of the NHIA, expressed that since the implementation of the 2G NHI last year, the NHIA has been conducting surveys regularly to monitor the insured’s satisfaction level.  According to the latest survey conducted in August, about 80% of those participated in this survey were satisfied with the 2G NHI system, while 16.9% were not.  90% people in the survey gave positive response to the quality of services provided by the NHI-contracted healthcare providers. 

The NHIA started promoting the electronic medication record system last year. This cloud-based service allows doctors to check patients’ medication records in the past 3 months so as to reduce the risk of polypharmacy.  The survey also included questions about patients’ experiences with the cloud-based medication record system.

Wang Fu-Chung expressed that 85.8% people agreed with the NHIA’s policy of applying cloud-computing technology to the medication record system.  Among those who approved the cloud-based medication record system, 97.6% said they did not mind spending 1-2 minutes more waiting for doctors to double check their medication.  

94.1% people in the survey expressed that they would use the internet to check personal health records and treatment records.  Wang Fu-Chung said that the NHIA is now planning to launch this service.

【2014-09-16/ CAN News】