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Dengue fever cases may reach 10, 000 next week

The Dengue fever continues spreading in southern Taiwan.  According to the CDC, there were 1420 confirmed cases last week.  The total number of confirmed cases accumulated to 8845 cases since this summer.  The CDC predicts that the total number will reach 10,000 next week.  The CDC reminds residents in Kaohsiung area to be cautious and to clear mosquitos’ breeding grounds. 

Five cases of Dengue hemorrhagic fever were reported last week, including one mortality case of a 74-year-old woman, who died in just four days after diagnosis. 

Most of the new cases confirmed this week lived in Kaohsiung City.  They mainly lived in San-min, Fong-shan and Ling-Ya areas.  Zhou Chi-Hou of the CDC pointed out that as of now there have been 64 cases of Dengue hemorrhagic fever.  The total death toll reaches eight. 

The CDC also announced the 23rd and 24th cases of measles.  This was the third cluster infection incident this year.  514 people who have had close contact with the two measles cases are now requested to observe the health self-management scheme until Nov. 15. 

【2014-11-04 / United Evening News】