Pharmaceutical News
Taiwan and Korea sign a health MoU

Reported by Huang Wen-Chi

The NHIA expressed today (17th) that the NHIA and its counterpart in the South Korea, Health Insurance Review Agency (HIRA), has signed a health memorandum of understanding (MoU).


According to the NHIA, Taiwan and South Korea have similar health insurance systems.  Both governments are very concerned about the healthcare quality.  The bilateral communication has been established since the implementation of the NHI in Taiwan; and the results so far have been satisfactory.


In order to strengthen the cooperation in health quality and health insurance, the NHIA and the HIRA signed a health memorandum of understanding today to collaborate on the improvement of health service quality and efficiency.


According to the NHIA, this health MoU focuses on the promotion of the communication in health insurance related measures and experiences, as well as the cooperation in researches on health insurance systems.  Both governments hope that this MoU will improve the service quality and efficiency of the health insurance systems in both countries, and furthermore, help other Asian countries to establish their own health insurance system.


【2014-11-17 /Economic Daily】