Pharmaceutical News
Sinphar adds to its recall list 6 more products made with unlicensed APIs

Reported by Huang Hsin Wen from Taipei

Six products are recalled by Sinphar, a well-known drug manufacturer in Taiwan, on a voluntary basis because they were made with unlicensed APIs.  This product recall operation will be completed on June 19th, said Sinphar.

Chi Jo-Feng, a TFDA’s official, expressed that this product recall operation is initiated by Sinphar.  The volume of all products to be recalled is still under assessment.  The Yilan County Health Bureau will monitor this operation. Those recalled products were made with unlicensed APIs.  Since they are for external use, the safety concern is not very serious.  Until now, Sinphar has recalled 12 products.  One cough syrup manufactured by Swiss Pharmaceutical Co. is to be recalled for the same reason.

Chang Wen-Ching, the Standing Director of the Taipei Pharmacists Association, expressed that there are many substitutes for the recalled products so the public should not be too worried. 

【2015-05-29/ China Daily News】