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Patients involved in discussions of NHI new drug listing

Reported by Chian Hui-Chun from Taipei

The NHIA launched a platform on its official website in April for patients and their carers to comment about whether new drugs or new medical devices should be reimbursed by the NHI.  So far, the NHIA has collected 33 cases.  One of them has prompted the NHIA to include a drug for a rare disease in the NHI Benefit Scheme. 

The platform lists all received applications of NHI listing of new drugs for treatment of severe injuries (e.g. cancer, autoimmune diseases) or with new therapeutic mechanism, as well as new devices for medical implants (e.g. orthopedics materials, stent).

Shih Ru-Ling, a section chief of the NHIA, expressed that patients and their carers are those who feel most strongly about the demand of care.  In the discussion meeting on the listing of Ilaris for treating Cryopyrin-Associated Periodic Syndromes (CAPS) held in June, patient groups shared their experiences of using this drug and testified that the drug can improve rashes.  Their comments led to the NHI’s decision of including Ilaris in the NHI Benefit Scheme and possibly listing CAPS as a rare disease.

Shih Ru-Liang pointed out that comments received via the “patients’ opinions platform” will be collated two weeks prior to the monthly NHI Drug Dispensing Items and Fee Schedule Joint Establishment Meeting and will be brought to discussion by members. 

【2015-07-30 / United Daily News】