Pharmaceutical News
Control Yuan member requests MOHW to tackle NHI drug supply problem

Reported by Lee Hsin-Fang from Taipei


Chang Gui-Mei, a Control Yuan member, highlighted the problem of drug companies’ decision to withdraw from the NHI market which has been haunting the NHI since the introduction of the NHI drug pricing policies.  She also requested the MOHW to tackle the problem about doctors’ concerns over the quality of generic drugs even though the management of generic drugs is tighter than before.


Chang Gui-Mei reckoned that the MOHW should properly and carefully deal with any possible consequences caused by the shortage of drug supply so as to protect the public’s medication rights.


The Control Yuan’s National Defence and Interior Affairs Joint Meeting passed the investigation report about whether the contract of the 2015-2016 joint drug procurement tender organized by the Ministry of National Defence (MND) is inadequately in favour of original drugs with expired patents. 


Chang Gui-Mei expressed that after thorough investigation by reviewing relevant documents hold by the MND and the MOHW and interviewing medical experts and health officials, the report justifies the terms in the contract of the joint drug tender which state that “original drugs with expired patents shall be listed with generic drugs in compliance of PIC/S GMP, DMF and BA/BE in the same group” and “drugs exempt from BE tests shall not be deemed to have a valid BE certification”.  The report concludes that those terms were made based on professional judgement.  The report drops the allegation about the MND’s violation of the Procurement Law.


【2015-10-23/ Liberty Times】