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AstraZeneca partnering with NRPB to find new cancer treatments

Taiwan’s new drug research ability has attracted a UK-based pharmaceutical company to seek research partners in Taiwan and to jointly embark on the development of new drugs for cancers prevalent in Asia, such as lung cancer and breast cancer.  They hope the research results will provide the Asian with new options for cancer treatments. 


Taiwan plays a leading role in the clinical development of new drugs for cancers.  Physicians in Taiwan have considerable experiences in clinical trials of new drugs.  Attracted by the R&D ability, AstraZeneca, a world leading cancer drug developer, signed a MOU with the Taiwan National Research Program for Biopharmaceuticals (NRPB) to jointly embark on the Oncology Research Program. 


The Oncology Research Program aims to recruit preclinical research proposals on cancer drugs.  AstraZeneca will provide winning candidates with more than 30 small molecular drugs and fund the preclinical studies (animals or cells).  The researches will target on the cancers prevalent in Asia, such as lung cancer, breast cancer, head and neck cancer and liver cancer. Due to ethnic differences, some cancer drugs developed by drug companies in the western countries are not quite suitable for the conditions of the Asian.  AstraZeneca has spotted this situation and hopes this joint venture will lead to new cancer treatments for the Asian. 


【 / 2015-11-24】