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Chen Chien-Jen: Taiwan biotech industry has potential for long-term competition

Reported by Huang Shu-Hui


The BioBusiness Asia Conference (BBA) opened on July 20th in Taipei.  Vice President, Chen Chien-Jen, delivered a speech on the development of the biotech industry in Taiwan.  Chen expressed that the abundant human capital, rich clinical experience and high R&D capacity all contribute to the long-term competitiveness of the biotech industry in Taiwan.


Chen pointed out that at the end of last year, the industry’s revenue reached NT$300 billion and the total number of biotech companies reached 1900. 


The Taiwanese government aims to promote Taiwan as the biomedical R&D center in the Asia-Pacific region.  There is a plan to link the biotech parks along the western coast of Taiwan in order to scale up and strengthen the R&D capacity.  The government hopes the biotech industry will become the driving force behind the next economic growth in Taiwan.


Dr Johnsee Lee, President of the Taiwan Bio Industry Organization, expressed that globalization has always been a key feature of the Bio Taiwan Exhibition.  In this year’s event, there are over 70% of speakers traveling from overseas.  This industrial event has been improving in both quality and quantity over the past years.   Lee said that he hopes the Bio Taiwan Exhibition will open a window to the world for local companies.  This year’s event has also attracted many technical teams to look for suitable partners for collaboration.


【2016-07-20/ Economic Daily】