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THRF: Drug safety should not be compromised

The Taiwan Healthcare Reform Foundation (THRF) criticized TzuChi Healthcare Organization for the profit-driven operation of changing the formulary list in their hospitals.  Chu Hsien-Kuang, Vice CEO of the THRF, expressed that it is totally inappropriate for TzuChi, a charitable organization, to restrict doctors’ prescription rights in order to profit from drugs.  Drug safety and quality should not be compromised, said Chu.


However, there are different views on this issue.  Wang Chun-Yu, the Pharmacy Director of HsinKong Hospital, reckoned that the public should have more confidence in drugs manufactured in Taiwan as Taiwan has already implemented the stringent PIC/S GMP and is going to request manufacturers to use traceable APIs only. 


Chu Hsien-Kuang pointed out the possible waste of NHI resources due to side effects or poor treatment results caused by unjustified changes of drugs.  More importantly, a huge wave of changes of drugs in big hospitals may push international drug companies into abandoning the market in Taiwan.  Patients will have to live with the consequence of being denied access to better treatments.  


【2016-08-01/ United Daily News】