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President Tsai’s biotech plan pitches the industry to the global market

Reported by Huang Wen-Chi from Taipei


President Tsai Ing-Wen recently revealed her biotech plan.  According to the Board of Science and Technology of the Executive Yuan, the Bio Taiwan Committee (BTC) meeting is to be held on Sept. 6.  The scale of this year’s meeting will be expanded; and the discussion will focus on how to promote Taiwan as the “Biopharmaceutical R&D center in the Asia Pacific region” and how to increase the industry’s capacity so as to compete in the global market.


The Board of Science and Technology pointed out that the Executive Yuan plans to establish the AP Biotech Center.  This plan will be on the agenda for this year’s BTC meeting.  It includes two major strategies: the establishment of an excellent environment, and the selection of target areas.  The purpose is to push the biotech industry in Taiwan into the global market.


This year’s BTC is convened by Wu Cheng-Chung, the Technology Minister without Portfolio.  The BTC will coordinate the resources from relevant departments, such as MOEA, MOST and MOHW, and will collect comments from BTC members, as well as from local and international experts.  In the aspect of creating an excellent environment, the measures will include the introduction of talents and the revision of regulations.  In the aspect of selecting target areas, the measures will focus on the transformation of the biotech industry and the expansion of the market.


The MOST will review and revise the “Fundamental Science and Technology Act” in order to relax the regulations which currently restrain academics from becoming entrepreneurs.  The MOST will draft and submit an amendment to the Legislative Yuan for review. 


The BTC will also commission the MOEA to revise the “Biotech and New Pharmaceutical Development Act” and draft an amendment.   The revision will extend the incentive scheme to medical devices on which clinical trials are necessary.


The MOHW’s tasks are to lead the industry transformation and to proactively push the NHIA to reimburse new drugs developed by manufacturers in Taiwan.


The MOEA will be responsible for forming a marketing strategic alliance with partners in the US, Japan and countries in the Southeast Asia. 


The Board of Science and Technology expressed that this year’s BTC meeting is not only bigger, but also more focused.  Issues concerning agriculture and food industries will be discussed in a separate event. The BTC will focus on the changes of regulations and investment in the biotech industry.


【2016-08-23/ Economic Daily】