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ECCT makes five recommendations to gear up Taiwan’s revival

The European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan (ECCT) published its 2017 Position Paper on the 10th.  In the Position Paper, the ECCT called for equal treatments for foreign workers, a transparent drug review system, sufficient communication prior to law amendment, the improvement in the EIA process to encourage the development of renewable energy and the improvement in infrastructure projects.


The theme of the ECCT 2017 Position Paper is about “gearing up Taiwan’s revival”.  It suggests that the legal system should act as a catalyst for innovation, rather than an obstacle.  At present, there are many flaws in the legal system.  Slow review procedures and process have prevented industries from moving forward. 


The ECCT expressed that there is discrimination against foreign workers, and the procedure for hiring foreign workers is surrounded by too many red tapes.  In a globalization climate, successful businesses need flexible hiring conditions and a workforce from various backgrounds.  The ECCT urged the Taiwanese government to provide foreign workers equal opportunities and treatments.


Regarding the biopharmaceutical industry, one of the five major innovative industries, the ECCT pointed out that the NHI system, in some ways, hinders the R&D.  The new drug review process is time consuming, unpredictable and intransparent.  A predictable and efficient drug review process has to be established.  Also, incentives should be made available to encourage speedy introduction of new drugs.


The ECCT expressed that, when drafting new policies and new regulations, the Taiwanese government focuses too much on controlling and prevention, while ignore the element of self-regulation and monitoring.  The communication with stakeholders prior to law amendment should be “significantly improved”.   Also, there should be an adequate grace period before the enforcement of new policies and new laws so that the industry has time to fully assess the change and make adequate adjustments.


The ECCT pointed out the delays in many infrastructure projects, for example to upgrade Taichung airport to an international airport and to make Keelung harbor suitable for cruise ships.  Those projects will significantly boost local economics.  The government should reform the planning and the execution of infrastructure projects in order to maximize the benefits and values.


【2016-11-10/ United Daily】