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The announcement of the establishment of Taiwan Biopharmaceutical Industry Alliance

Reported by Huang Wen-Chi from Taipei


The Taiwan Biopharmaceutical Industry Alliance (TBIA) was formally established on June 1st.  The Alliance consists of 24 biopharmaceutical related associations.  Dr Chen Chien-Jen attended the establishment ceremony and delivered a speech to the industry, encouraging the industry to make Taiwan a critical biopharmaceutical player in the Asia-Pacific region.


The TBIA is jointly established by 24 associations and organizations in Taiwan.  The mission of the TBIA is to promote "industry collaboration, government communication and global link".


The TBIA is chaired by Dr Chang Hong-Jen, a former director general of the NHIA.  Dr Chang expressed that the purposes of the TBIA are to act as a communication window between the industry and the government, to integrate the industry’s opinions and to attract government’s support and resources.  The TBIA will not form a board of directors and supervisors, nor will it organize any forums in the future.   Its function is simply to speak for the industry.


Dr Chang stressed that many things have been done for the biotech industry by both the public and private sectors; however, the achievements have not been fully communicated across the board due to ineffective communication.  The TBIA will step in to enhance the communication between the government and the industry so that stakeholders can appreciate the efforts done by the government and the industry.   The government has listed the biopharmaceutical industry in its “5 plus 2” project, and aims to promote Taiwan as a biopharmaceutical R&D center in the Asia-Pacific region.


Dr Chang expressed that Taiwan has become the financing center for small and medium-sized biopharmaceutical companies.  However, there are still problems that need to be solved, including problems of capital market, the tax system, etc.  The TBIA will make suggestions about these problems so that innovative biopharmaceutical companies can find it easier to raise funds for R&D projects.


【2017-06-02 / Economic Daily】