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President Tsai envisions Taiwan to be a key biomedical center in the Asia-Pacific region

After hearing a special report made by the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, President Tsai was delighted that the biomedical research park of the Academia Sinica is finally to be completed at the end of this year.  This project started when she was the Vice Premier of the Legislative Yuan, and she made huge efforts in securing this project.


President Tsai also expressed that the biomedical park in HsinChu is important for the development of the biomedical industry in Taiwan; and it will satisfy the increasing medical demands in HsinChu area.  As for the biomedical research park of the Academia Sinica, President Tsai said that she spent a lot of time and effort in bringing forth this project when she was the Vice Premier.  She believes the two biomedical parks will become hubs for the development of the biotech industry in Taiwan.


President Tsai envisions a linear ecosystem by linking the research clusters in northern, central and southern Taiwan along the high speed rail line.  Taiwan has a great chance to develop a biotech industry with great productivity and research capacity.   


President Tsai expressed that, with abundant research capacity and sufficient supply of funds and human resources, the biomedical industry in Taiwan has the potential for developing into a key player in the Asia-Pacific region.  She hopes to create a sound ecosystem for the industry by integrating the key elements, such as human resources, capital, regulations, hardware facilities, etc.


President Tsai said that the biomedical industry has great market potential as the global population is ageing and the demand for disease treatments and preventive measures increases.  President Tsai expects her team to speed up the integration of the resources. 


【2017-06-11/ Now News】