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Technology Summit aims to promote innovation

Reported Huang Fong-Sen from Taipei

Vice President, Dr Chen Chien-Jen, delivered a speech in the opening ceremony of the 2017 Global Technology and Industry Summit Forum.  Dr Chen stressed that innovation is the true driving force behind economic development.  However, it requires cross-departmental collaboration in order to coordinate the regulations, environment, human resources and finance.  The result will create an excellent industrial environment and, hence, assist the industry in innovation.  The government is set to make Taiwan a technological island, an innovative island and, last but not least, a green island.

Su Fang-Ching, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), expressed that, through implementing the “Biomedical Industry Innovation Promotion Project”, the government will make the biotech industry the engine of the economic growth.  The project will be carried out based on the principles of “innovation, employment and distribution”.    Du Yi-Chin, the Director of the Taiwan AI Labs, pointed out that Taiwan should focus on its existing advantages.  Taking the biomedical industry for example, Taiwan has the potential to become a global leader if the NHI database, healthcare technology and ICT industry could be integrated.

Lin Chi-Long, the President of the TITA, pointed out that, in the Summit, all experts of smart medical devices agreed that Taiwan should focus on innovation.  The future medical devices will involve AI, AR and VR.  The industry can start from data collection, data interpretation and AI applications.  There should be an international platform to showcase the innovations in Taiwan.  The government could also integrate the research capacity of the government, the industry and the academic and pitch the industry at international markets.

The experts of green energy said in the Summit that the government should align the regulations with the development of renewable energy.  AI experts expressed that Taiwan should emphasize the development and integration of software systems so as to create added values for customers.  They advised that the government should help the industry to integrate and upgrade the technology instead of focusing on low cost. 

Experts of the southbound movement said in the Summit that the industry should understand local marketing practices, including channels, culture and their ways of doing business. 

Experts in the care industry stressed that the government should take into account both the carers’ and the patients’ demands when making the long-term care policies so as to boost the care industry.

【2017-10-30╱Economic Daily】