Pharmaceutical News
NHIA added six new categories to the prescription scrutiny scheme

Reported by Wu Liang-Yi from Taipei

Two years ago, the NHIA introduced a prescription scrutiny scheme to six major drug categories, including drug for “three highs” and sedatives.  Under the prescription scrutiny scheme, duplicate prescriptions will not be reimbursed by the NHIA.  This year, the NHIA decided to expand the scheme by adding six new categories to it, including drugs for heart diseases and diarrhoea.  Duplicate prescriptions issues in 120 days will not be reimbursed.  Physicians have to be careful when issuing a prescription.

According to the NHIA, the expanded scheme may save the NHI about NT$100 million a year on drug fees.   

Chen Chen-Hui of the NHIA expressed that drugs for thrombosis, prostatic hypertrophy, epilepsy, heart diseases, diarrhoea and gout were added to the prescription scrutiny scheme from October.  Duplicate prescriptions, including those issued by different hospitals or clinics, will not receive reimbursement from the NHI.

【2017-11-19/ Liberty Times】