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AIT Announces April as AIT@40 Trade and Investment Month

As part of our yearlong campaign celebrating forty years of U.S.-Taiwan friendship and cooperation, AIT is pleased to proclaim April as AIT@40 Trade & Investment Month.


The United States and Taiwan have an ever-expanding trade relationship that is mutually beneficial and also contributes to the global supply chain and global growth. Taiwan is the United States’ 11th largest trading partner and 9th largest agricultural export market. The United States and Taiwan also enjoy strong two-way investment, with U.S. foreign direct investment in Taiwan exceeding US $17 billion and Taiwan foreign direct investment in the United States exceeding US $8 billion. The fruits of our trade relationship can be seen everywhere in our two economies, from flowers to smartphones.


Throughout the month, AIT will be highlighting our trade and investment relationship through public speeches, workshops, and trainings. AIT will support the U.S.-Taiwan biopharma industry forum in Taipei on April 25, and will mark World Intellectual Property Day on April 26.


【2019-04-01 / AIT】