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Giddi Pharma Co., Ltd.
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G.M.:Louis Chiang
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Founded in 1995 with visions of professional services, integrity conducts and passion of caring attitude, Giddi Pharma is a leading specialty pharmaceutical company in the Asia Pacific region. Giddi Pharma’s core business focus on commercial launch of orphan drugs, specialty products for pediatric genetic, metabolic and neurological diseases initially. After recruitment of talents and accumulation of experience, our services has now expanded to hematology, oncology, transplantation, and orthopedic surgery, as well as obstetrics and gynecology to better serve our patients and the medical community.


With commitment and collaboration, dedication and professionalism, robust capacity and flexibility, Giddi Pharma has successfully launched numerous products into local markets and accomplished superior growth promptly. That is how we earn the trust and business from partners worldwide to extend our portfolio. Our business partners include: Genzyme, BioMarin, Shire, Ipsen, Alexion, Cambridge Labs, etc.


Giddi Pharma offers One-stop-shopping comprehensive services to our collaborating partners by carefully planning and implementing every step, with optimal market growth in mind. Examples of our expertise are:


  1. Pre-registration named patient import
  2. Orphan drug, fast track and regular product registration
  3. Dedicated regulatory department and medical professionals
  4. Productive marketing & sales teams
  5. Full spectrum coverage of markets: self-pay, National Health Insurance reimbursement application, hospital formulary listing,
  6. Pharmacovigilance
  7. Warehouse, distribution with cold-chain logistic capacity