PMS Registry
In order to understand if there is other unknown side effect during the clinical trail, the PMS (Post-Marketing Study) will be conducted to learn more treatment experiences on patients, and collect their information for further study.
No. 9 of IRPMA COP Benchmarks regulates that all PMS shall go through JIRB, IRB or Ethics Committee and must be registered on the website of IRPMA PMS registry system. It is to ensure the studies conducted on patients have been approved by JIRB, IRB and protect patient’s right of privacy. The public can also get the information and objective of the PMS through the registry system.
Company Name
Title of Study
Update Date
Astellas Pharma Taiwan, Inc. An open-label, randomized, parallel study to evaluate the clinical efficacy and safety of tamsulosin alone or in combination with solifenacin for the treatment in men with lower urinary tract symptoms including overactive bladder symptoms 2017-01-26
Pfizer Inc. An Observational Study of Xeljanz® (tofacitinib citrate) and Biologic Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatments to Characterize their General Treatment Patterns, Effectiveness and Safety in a Real-World Taiwanese Population 2017-01-26
Astellas Pharma Taiwan, Inc. A Multi-center, Randomized, Open-label, Pilot and Exploratory Study Investigating Safety and Efficacy in OPTIMIZEd Dosing of Advagraf® Kidney Transplantation in Asia. 2017-01-26
Novartis (Taiwan) Co., Ltd A 48-week, observational, longitudinal multicenter study on the effectiveness of 9.5 mg/24 h (10 cm2)Exelon in patients with mild to moderate dementia of the Alzheimer's type 2017-01-26
Novartis (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. A Prospective, Non-interventional, Multi-center, Surveillance Study to Observe the Tolerability of Exjade® (Deferasirox) in Patients with Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) for Chronic Transfusion-Related Iron Overload 2016-01-06
Novartis (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. Retrospective, non-interventional, multi-center study evaluating safety of fingolimod in patients with multiple sclerosis in Taiwan 2016-01-05
Pfizer Inc. Post-Marketing Surveillance study to observe INLYTA® treatment dosing pattern, safety and effectiveness in Taiwan real world routine practice 2015-11-25
Novartis (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. A 12-week treatment, multi-center, randomized, double-blind, double-dummy, parallel group study to assess the efficacy and safety of switching from salmeterol/fluticasone to QVA149 (indacaterol maleate/glycopyrronium bromide) in symptomatic COPD patients 2015-11-23
Novartis (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. An observational, multi-center, prospective, open-label study to assess effectiveness, safety and tolerability of treatment with single pill combination of vildagliptin plus metformin(50mg/500mg, 50mg/850mg, 50mg/1000mg film-coated tablets)in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients in a real-world setting 2015-11-12
Chugai Pharma Taiwan Ltd. Efficacy and safety evaluation of tocilizumab monotherapy in Taiwan population 2015-08-18
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