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Bayer Taiwan (This is a global NIS study)
Protocol Number
Title of Study
CORRELATE - Safety and Effectiveness of Regorafenib in Routine Clinical Practice Settings CORRELATE – 癌瑞格在例行臨床實踐環境的安全性與有效性
Primary Objective
The primary objective of this study is to further characterize safety of regorafenib use in routine clinical practice settings. The secondary objective of this study is to assess the effectiveness of regorafenib in routine clinical practice settings as measured by OS, Progression Free Survival (PFS) and Disease control rate (DCR). Health Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) Data will be collected in applicable countries. Furthermore health care resource utilization will be captured. 本研究的主要目標是進一步描述癌瑞格在例行臨床實踐環境中使用的安全性特色。 研究的次要目標是根據 OS、無進展生存期 (PFS) 和疾病控制率 (DCR) 的測量評估瑞格非尼在例行臨床實踐環境中的功效。將會在適用的國家收集與生命品質相關的健康 (HRQoL) 資料。
Number of Sites
Period of Study
From:2014/5/1 to:2017/5/30
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