PMS Registry
Company Name
Daiichi Sankyo Taiwan Ltd.
Protocol Number
Title of Study
A retrospective, non-interventional, multicenter study to estimate the prevalence of HER2-low and describe the standard-of-care, treatment patterns and outcome in real-world practice among unresectable and/or metastatic breast cancer patients with HER2-low status in Taiwan – the RetroBC-HER2L-TW Study.
Primary Objective
To understand the prevalence of HER2-low among HER2-negative unresectable/metastatic BC patients based on the rescoring of HER2 fixed tissue immunohistochemistry (IHC)-stained slides.
Number of Sites
Period of Study
From:16-Nov-2022 to:31-Dec-2023
Number of Patients
IRB Approval Date
National Cheng Kung University Hospital:16-Nov-2022
National Taiwan University Hospital:01-Dec-2022
Taipei Veterans General Hospital:31-Jan-2023
Publication Plan / Date